When a data set is generated, the user is able to perform the following activities around data:

  • Add Data Sets
  • Add/Remove Loops
  • Import/Export datasets from Excel
  • Manipulate data parameters

Where to find?

Data sets are stored in the Flows. A flow can have 1 or more data sets associated with it. When a flow is recorded, at least 1 data set is created automatically (with the data used during recording).

To access the Data Set:

  1. Go to the target flow;
  2. Click on the Data Set tab.

Add a Data Set

Users have the freedom to add more data sets to the flow; there are no limits or constraints. 

To create a new Data Set use the following procedure:

  1. Go to the target flow;
  2. Go to the Data Set tab;
  3. Click Add Data Set button;
  4. Type the Name and click Save.