Defects Management

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Qualibrate has a dedicated module for defects.

The Defects module sums up all the defects raised on your current project regardless of the way it was added: created directly from the Defects module, created during a manual or an automated test execution.

Defects module provides important characteristics of a defect which are preconfigured by default. Configuration of the fields, workflow and layout can be changed by the Account Administrator.

Create a defect

There are few ways to create a defect:

  1. From any part of the application by clicking a "+" icon on the top right of the screen:

2. From the Defects module by clicking the +Add Defect button on the top right of the screen.

When the popup window will be displayed you will be asked to fill in the defect information.

The fields marked with a ‘*’ are mandatory. 

Below you can find a video instruction on how to create a defect:

Enhancing defects - Adding comments and attachments

Adding comments

Qualibrate offers the possibility to handle an internal conversation in the context of a defect. This helps the team to streamline collaborative activities.

Below you can find a video instruction on how to add comments:

Adding attachments

Adding attachments can be done after the defect has been created.

To add the attachment:

  • Open the defect from the All defects list. You will see an Attachments tab on the bottom of the defect window;
  • Click on the Choose a file icon.
  • Browse to the file location. You can select the file from the list or drag and drop it to the Choose file icon.

The file will be uploaded to the defect.

Below you can find a video instruction on how to add attachments:

Defect History 

The History tab of the Defect window allows you to keep track of update events. The feature gives you the ability to see all the changes of the defects.

Below you can find a video instruction on how to access a defect history:

Edit the Defect

You can edit the existing defect.

  • Values from the dropdown lists or Data selection fields will be saved on the fly.
  • When editing the Defect title and the Description fields the Save button will appear. You can save the changes by hitting Enter or clicking the Save button. Clicking outside the modal will discard changes in the Description and Defect title fields.

Delete the Defect

You can delete the defect from the Defect list or the Defect window by clicking on the Trash bin icon.

Below you can find a video instruction on how to delete the defect: