Defects Configuration

Table of Contents

Default Field Configuration

Defects module comes with the default configuration of the fields, workflow, and layout.

Default Field Configuration

  • Defect Title
    • Control type: Rich Text Field (has a maximum length of 255 characters)
    • Default value: empty
  • Reported By

    • Control type: User List

    • Default value: currentUser()

  • Description

    • Control type: Rich Text Field
    • Default value: empty
  • Assigned To

    • Control type: User List

    • Default value: empty

  • Severity

    • Control type: List

      • Blocker

      • Critical

      • Major

      • Minor

      • Cosmetic

    • Default value: Major

  • Status

  • Planned Resolution Date

    • Control type: Date

    • Default value: empty

  • Type

    • Control type: List

    • Default value: empty

  • Priority

    • Control type: List

      • High
      • Medium
      • Low
    • Default value: empty

Default Workflow Configuration

  1. To Do

  2. In Progress

  3. Ready for Test

  4. Done

  5. Deferred

  6. Invalid

Defect template can be adjusted by the Account Administrator. The following configurations can be modified:

  • Defect fields;
  • Workflow;
  • Layout.

Fields Configuration

Defects module has the following To add or remove custom fields you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings;
  2. Click on Defects section in the sidebar menu
  3. Click on +Add Field button on the top right of the screen.
  4. Set the following field configurations:
  • Name;
  • Label;
  • Control Type;
  • Required (mandatory flag).

And click on Save.

A new custom field will be added to the defects template.

Workflow Configuration

You can modify the Defect workflow by:

  • Adding the status;
  • Removing the status;
  • Dragging and dropping the status.

Layout Configuration

Defect layout can be easily configured by the user. You can resize the field boxes and move them around using drag and drop editor.  

Please check the video on how to configure fields, workflow and layout below: