Select row by value

The Select row by value action is used for both SAP and Web technologies. Let's say we have the following testing scenario: We have many rows in a table and we want to select a specific row based on a value found on a given column.

The solution to this situation is to use the Qualibrate user action Select row by value and provide its parameter value according to the following formats:

1) [Column Id], [Searched Value]

2) [Column Tooltip], [Searched Value]

3) [Column Label], [Searched Value]

4) [Searched Value] - will search the entire table / grid for the given value until it finds the first cell that contains it. That will represent the row to be selected.

Result: Selection of the row where that value is found under the given column.

SAP Example for [Column Label], [Searched Value]

In the following example we have a list of items and we want to select only the row having set under the column Material the value "2116", meaning the second row in here:

Step 1: First we need to record a Select row type user action on our SAP window.

Step 2: We then open the Select row step and go to the Step configuration tab and modify the user action (Control type) to Select row by value.

Step 3: The next step is to go to the data set associated with this flow and change the value of the parameter.

The value of this parameter is structured as follows: "column label, value to find". This structure shows us two main components separated by a comma. The first one represents the column label.

The first picture below shows the initial values in the iteration of our example and the second picture shows the modified values that would help us select the desired row. Do not forget to save your changes.

Picture 1. the initial value:

Picture 2. modified value (column label, value to find):


Step 4: If we try now a manual test execution the result will be the selection of the row having the value "2116" under column Material as you may see below.